Boundless Psychology is a unique service which offers psychology sessions face to face as well as via Telehealth (video or telephone).

During the initial appointment, regardless if it’s face to face or via Telehealth, a comprehensive assessment will be conducted of your current difficulties as well as gathering your history. You may feel uncomfortable and little awkward however Boundless Psychology always takes a non-judgement and empathic approach. Boundless Psychology will provide opportunities for you to talk openly to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, understand relationship patterns, process emotional struggles, and learn new coping skills and strategies. Please ask as many questions as you like.

At the end of the appointment, an outline of your treatment plan will be provided including the number of sessions advised to achieve your therapy goals. The length of therapy will depend on your goals, your availability, and financial situation. During the initial appointment, an overview of confidentiality, fees and rebates and the cancellation process will be provided.

Using Telehealth video may be a little daunting if you have not used it before. It is very easy, confidential, and safe to use. If you have a Telehealth video appointment booked, you will be sent an email with the link to your appointment. Please click on link at the time of your appointment - no software download or username is required. This link is specific to only you – it is only accessible to you and your psychologist. Make sure you open link with either Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari – any electronic device can be used for these appointments. If you have any questions or want a practice run – please contact our reception.

For Telehealth or Telephone sessions, you don’t need to come into our offices. These appointments can be conducted in the privacy of your home, work space, or where you feel comfortable.